Blood Shed (2014)

A man who is down on his luck moves into a self-storage facility where he finds a group strangers who have made the place their home. However, little do they know that a deranged woman has been hunting the facility’s visitors in an attempt to regain the child that was stolen from her. So when the facility gets locked for the night, they find themselves trapped and hunted down, completely at the mercy of the tortured woman’s gruesome attacks.

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Blood Shed (2014)
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Genre: Horror
Released: 04 Mar 2014
Director: Patrick Hasson, Juan Carlos Saizarbitoria
Writer: Patrick Hasson
Stars: Gabriel De Santi, Bree Essrig, Cherie Daly, Yasha Blackman
Runtime: 94 min
Full Cast
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Bai Ling … Lucy
Vida Guerra … Khara
Bree Essrig … Samira
Lauren Aboulafia … Paulina
Jillisa Lynn … Evette
Cuete Yeska … Tattoo Artist
Trent Haaga … Eckardt
Brandon Ratcliff … Trace
Cherie Daly … Jezebel
Lia Chapman … Santeras
Brandon Barrera … Colleague
Rileigh Chalmers … Little Girl
Richard Azurdia … Rotund Mexican
Jorge Jimenez … Thin Mexican
Molly Hawkey … Nurse 2
Colin Campbell … David
Chris Hampton … Old Man
Gabriel De Santi … Gabriel
Qaadir Howard … Devon
Yasha Blackman … Arsen
Kate Landro … Nurse 1